Condes 9

Condes 9 comes with a long list of new features in all areas: Course Design, Relay Support, Course Overprint, Control Descriptions, Graphics Layout, Printing and Export, Course Layout Editor Enhancements, Training Exercise Features, and OCAD support.

As examples can be mentioned: PDF export, support for course loops/butterflies, improved graphics layout support, support for assignment of course variations to relay teams.

Condes 9 is fully compatible with files made in previous versions of Condes, and there is a discount if your club already has a Condes license.   Why not upgrade to Condes 9 now?  

See more details on new Condes 9 features on the Condes 9 features page

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The leading course planning software

Condes is a software package that assists the orienteering course planner.

Condes is very easy to use.  It has a graphical editor that lets you draw your courses on the screen directly on the map.

Check out these "videos" on how to get started:  How to create a new event and How to draw a new course


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Support for Chinese Language

Chinese menu.JPG

5 May 2018
I am very pleased to announce that Condes is now available with Chinese language support.  When Condes opens on a computer with a Chinese version of Windows, the menus and other program texts appear in Chinese.

This makes Condes more user-friendly for the growing orienteering community in China.  

The translation was kindly provided by Liangxin Lee from LearnJoy in Beijing.


You can print your courses and maps directly on a color printer.  Alternatively, you can export the courses and maps to a variety of graphical formats for professional offset printing.

Condes supports many different formats of orienteering, including relays, and random order controls, and has features specific to different orienteering disciplines: Foot-O, Ski-O, MTB-O, and Trail-O.

Condes supports the "administrative" procedures involved in course planning, and can print out a range of different reports of the data.

A licence for Condes is valid for an entire orienteering club, and there is no limit to how many club members can use the program.  You can purchase your club licence for Condes from the ordering page.

Print multiple maps on the same page...

This is just one of many possiblities with Condes

Condes functionality is based on ideas and input from a lot of Condes users.  Condes supports Foot-O, Ski-O, Mountain-Bike-O and Trail-O, as well as Score-O, relays, etc.

Read more about Condes under About Condes and Features in Condes 9.

Export to PDF

In addition to printing the maps with courses on a printer, you can export to a variety of graphical formats.  An important one of these exports is the export to PDF.  When you export to PDF, all the courses will be included in one file, with one page per course.  PDF is the ideal format both when you use professional printing and desktop printing.


Learn more

Click here to learn about the possibilities with Condes.  Check out the on-line help, the demo videos, or download a User's Guide.

There is an article about how Condes makes colour printing easier. Read it here

Try out the "light" version for free

Download a free "light" version and try Condes.

The light version does not need a licence, and can be used for events with 2 courses and up to 25 controls.


At the support forum you can ask questions, express comments, and share ideas with other Condes users.

Licensed users are welcome to contact the author for support.  Please see the contact page

Program languages

Condes menus and dialogs are available in English, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Unicode support

Condes supports the UNICODE 16-bit character set necessary to display non-latin alphabets used for example in Asia.

Condes is used world-wide: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, U.S.A.